In 2016, after 3 years of running my business, I hit rock bottom and experienced depression and burnout. It was my dark night of the soul that started me on my spiritual awakening. 

5 years later, after spending tens of thousands on courses, books, and programs I woke up to the truth that everything I was doing was in hopes of fixing myself and the truth was that I was not broken. I was learning a lot but none of it was creating the real change I desired in my life. 

What I realized? 
My soul’s purpose, my happiness, my power, and my gifts were all inside to me already. And that instead of trying to fix it, I needed support to embody it.

Now, I help other high achieving women do the same wiht my group coaching program, The Ultimate Freedom Formula. A sacred and supportive space to align with their soul’s purpose and live life fully on their terms.

Hi! I'm Ashley,

You can stand in your power confidently & lovingly. 

In taking care of yourself so you have the energy to take care of others.

In living life to the fullest now & the power of the present moment.

In doing purposeful work that positively impacts others.

In doing life your way, unapologetically!

In embracing your unique gifts & sharing them with the world!

I believe: